Your Pilots

David Brown

Winner of the 2011 National Stearman Fly in “Masters Aerobatic Contest”

David Brown is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and is currently retired from the Air Force Reserve.  He has over 46 years of flight experience and has logged over 4000 pilot in command hours in Stearman aircraft and over 10,000 take offs and landings!  David has a Commercial pilot’s license with single and multi-engine aircraft ratings and is also a Certified Flight Instructor. 

“I enjoy this business because I get to share the experience of flying these historic military aircraft with so many people.  It is my challenge with each customer to tailor the experience so they get the most enjoyment from their flight.  I love to hear their comments after the flight, as well as reading the comments posted on line by our passengers.  Everyone is amazed in some way.  The experience is usually way over the top from anything they have done before.  This is the joy I get from this business!” – David Brown

Brian Rosenstein

Winner of the 2015 National Stearman Fly in Aerobatic Contest

Brian Rosenstein is a commercial airline pilot with more than 11,000 hours of flying time and has been flying for more than 25 years. He has been flying Stearmans and aerobatics since he was a teenager. He has an Airline Transport Pilot’s license with single and multi-engine aircraft ratings, as well being a Certified Flight Instructor to teach in both Single-Engine and Multi-Engine airplanes. He is also an Instructor and Check Airman for his airline.

When not flying his airliner, Brian continues to teach new students and also specializes in tail wheel, aerobatic, and Stearman specific instruction.

Flying the jet is my job, flying the Stearman is my passion. Nothing brings me more personal satisfaction than to share the fundamental joy and beauty of flight with people, and there is no better way to capture that than in an open cockpit biplane. This is also a tangible connection to part of our country’s great history, an era when flying was still grand, adventurous and classy. My goal is to give each person the experience that they want to have, whether it is a gentle, straight and level sightseeing ride, or a looping and rolling aerobatic experience. My aim is to see them smiling ear-to-ear when we land.”

Andrew King

Andrew King is a self employed vintage aircraft specialist, whose activities include aircraft restoration, flying vintage airplanes on cross country delivery trips, and doing biplane and AT-6 rides. He has been flying since 1978 and has over 5,000 hours in 155 different types of aircraft. He has a Commercial pilot’s license with Instrument, Single and Multi-engine, Glider, and Gyroplane ratings.

“We do these airplane rides as a vocation, but we wouldn’t do them if we didn’t first of all have a love of flying, and also of course we enjoy sharing the excitement and fun of seeing the sky and the land from an open cockpit or from the unique vantage point of the World War 2 era AT-6,” Andrew says. “Each passenger is unique and experiences flight in their own way, and the joy we see on the faces of our customers after a flight makes it all worth while.”